Thirty Three

Unlike Drake when he was ten years younger, I’m wondering if I’m really too old to be feeling this young. I’ve never felt more confident about, and excited for, the future work I’ll be doing.

I spent my birthday back in the office, planning with my team as we spin up a new organization at Audible dedicated to building products that support creators. Our team went out to happy hour after, and it was great to run into colleagues I hadn’t seen in person in years, or ever. I never plan to go back to the office full time, but there is something to the serendipitous interactions that you miss out on from home.

After getting home from happy hour and eating a fabulous dinner cooked by my fiancĂ©e, I continued prepping for the last few classes of the semester at Baruch and edited some onboarding documents for an angel investing syndicate I’m getting started.

My goal for the next year of my life is to continue surrounding myself with new opportunities and energetic, talented people. Building new organizations at Audible, teaching undergraduates in the final semester before graduation, and helping new companies get off the ground are a few of the ways I’ll be doing this.

The phrase “old and jaded” is making less and less sense to me, as every year I get older I only get more excited and optimistic about the future. We have some incredibly difficult challenges facing the world that we can’t ignore, but just as constraints breed creativity, the challenges we’re facing will bring out the best in us. I’m thirty three, and feeling younger than I ever have.

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