Newsletters – June, 2020

Email newsletters (in addition to a well curated Twitter feed) are the best way to stay aware of current events, learn from subject matter experts, and broaden one’s understanding of key issues. Newsletters are growing in popularity for a reason!

This is my list of newsletters I currently subscribe to:

Stratechery by Ben Thompson

Sinocism by Bill Simmons

Money Stuff by Matt Levine

Two Truths and a Take by Alex Danco

The Diff by Byrne Hobart

Benedict’s Newsletter by Benedict Evans

I also try to sample a new newsletter every month or so. The Diff was a recent sample that I’m definitely sticking with. Currently, I’m also subscribed to Lenny Rachitsky’s newsletter.

I don’t recommend all of these to everyone, but, if they match with your interests, all of the above are worth checking out.